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Morning is too early for these types of conversations — September 20, 2015

Morning is too early for these types of conversations

7am Sunday morning:

Eden: “Mom, are you going to die?”

Ann: “Yes, honey. Eventually.”

Eden: “WHAT?!! WHY?”

Ann: “Everyone dies, sweetie. It’s just the way it is – but I’m sure it won’t be for a long time yet.”

Eden: “…”

Eden: “…”

Eden: “Wait – I’M going to DIE TOO?!!!”

Ann: “…”

Ann: “How about we make muffins?”

Kindergarten — September 8, 2015


I remember the first day I went to kindergarten. It was bright and sunny – much like this day. I was excited, engaged, but not yet fully committed to the experience.

I couldn’t know how this morning was going to be the first of a chain of mornings in which our whole family would engage in a purposeful, always slightly-rushed sequence of events to prepare for the day – a routine which we fine-tuned over the years. Or how much I would come to love school and that it would foster in me an enduring pursuit and love of learning.

Eden, how will kindergarten sit with you?


Camping —
The last summer — August 22, 2015

The last summer

Eden holding flowers


Eden. My beautiful, strong-willed, bright little girl. How fast she has grown.

In a week or so, she will be heading off to kindergarten. It’s a quaint little school just down the street, and though I am certain that she is ready for this experience, I cannot help but grieve for the end of her early childhood and our long hours together.

How will school change her? Will she keep her wild, curious, enthusiastic, relentlessly determined spirit? Will she make good friends? Will her teachers foster her talents and help her discover new ones?

I am filled with questions but quell them with hope.

Many adventures await you, my little pixie. Here’s to a great school year!

Sundays are for Gardening — August 16, 2015